CRT Private Screenings


Book a CRT Private Screening on weekdays (Mon-Thur) for only $99!

You'll feel like the KING, reminiscent of the days when the King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley, would book an entire movie theater so he and his friends could enjoy a movie in peace!
CRT Private Screenings will give you the same Elvis experience: We will reserve an ENTIRE, PRIVATE auditorium just for you and your family and friends! All for a really reasonable price:
 - Any of our current New Release attractions for only $120 + tax for the first 20 people.
 - Any of our Super-Classic attractions (when available) for only $100 + tax for the first 20 people.
 - WEEKDAY SPECIAL! - Any New Release or Super-Classic on a weekday (Mon-Thur) for only $99 + tax for the first 20 people! (The bookings page will show the regular price, but will change to $99 when purchase is made)
 - Weekends/Holidays - NO ADDITIONAL FEE (limited time discount)
The package includes a private auditorium at a time and day of your chosing for your family and friends, up to 20 people for one price. You can actually host up to about 60 people, if desired. Social distancing will be up to you since you qualify as a group coming together, so aren't required to distance other than your own comfort. The concession counter will be available! (You may NOT bring outside food)
 - Additional people after the first 20: $7.99/person
 - There is a $1 transaction fee when you purchase the ticket that pays our web page provider for making all this web magic happen
To book, click your movie below or from the movie info page. You will find a link saying "CLICK HERE to book..." and then choose an available day and time. Please avoid scheduling between 5:00 and 6:10, even though the scheduler may offer this time. You will receive an immediate confirmation that the time is reserved for you. We will email you with a link for payment within a few hours when the booking is confirmed and scheduled in our system. Payment will be required within 24 hours or the booking will be canceled, unless arrangements are made. Additional people over the first 20 will be charged at time of the show. Since we will be reserving an entire auditorium just for you, there will be NO REFUNDS, however, we are happy to try to reschedule with you if something goes wrong.
We generally need a minimum 12-24 hours notice (maybe a business day for some super-classics), but you should plan on booking at least a few days ahead since this is a popular offering. We have one auditorium dedicated to CRT Private Screenings so the time slots fill up in advance, especially on weekends!
So put on your "Blue Suede Shoes" and then "Shake, Rattle and Roll" on over to your CRT Private Screening. But try not to get "All Shook Up"! (yes, those are all Elvis Presley references for those of you who are too young to remember "The King"!)
CRT SPECIAL SCREENINGS are booked exclusively through our web page. We are unable to take bookings or payments for same over the phone or in person. Thanks!
These availabilities refer ONLY to CRT Private Screening Dates. There is always plenty of room in our regular public showings at the regular published show times.

Available Movies:

ALL of our current attractions are available for CRT Private Screenings, plus select Super-Classics. We add and update these movies regularly. If a certain movie shows only available until a certain day it only means that we have commited to it up until that date. We may extend the popular features as needed, so the dates may be extended!



Tom and JerryRaya and the Last Dragon



We currently don't have any Super-Classics available right now since Hollywood is starting to release more NEW movies. Classics may be available at times in between new releases.