We are temporarily closed due to major derecho storm damage.
We'll back as soon as we can make repairs!

We know you are ready to get back out into the world, so we’re here for you! We will be taking baby-steps while we all figure out this new world, so here’s what we are doing:


REDUCED ADMISSION! - For a limited time until we can get new movies again we have reduced our admission price to just $5.00 for ALL SEATS, ALL SHOWS, ALL DAYS! Eventually the Hollywood schedule will get back in gear, so it will eventually have to change, for for now you can take advantage of the discount movie prices! (more money for popcorn with REAL butter!)


NO LATE ADMISSIONS!!!- We will not allow late admissions because we want you to have time to find a seat and settle before the lights go out. This is very important for proper distancing and it’s just good manners any time.


HOUSE LIGHTS WILL REMAIN ON DURING PREVIEWS- This is an extension of the above. The lights will be lowered immediately before the feature.


MASKS- masks are strongly encouraged, but not required. Our staff will be wearing them.


LIMITED CAPACITY- Our auditoriums have 170 seats, but we will be limiting to 80 admissions so you will be able to spread out and social distance. Groups can sit together but we want groups to distance themselves by at least 6 feet from other groups or individuals. How far is 6 feet? It’s an empty row in from and behind you, and two empty seats between you and another group or individual. Family/friend groups can sit together, we're talking about distancing from others.


DISTANCING- in addition to the above we ask you to keep 6 feet away from others while in the lobby.


SANITIZING- We have dedicated extra people to sanitize the seats after the movie. Once you are settled in they will mark your seat with a small piece or masking tape so they can sanitize after the show.


NO REFILLS ON POPCORN OR DRINKS- We won’t be able to fill popcorn halfway for buttering, either. Sorry for that inconvenience but it’s important that once something has gone over the counter to the customer then it can NEVER come back across the counter to the staff.


CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS PREFERRED- There will only be ONE concession counter able to take cash, the others will accept cards ONLY! We now have signs above the counter directing you to which counter this is. This is to provide a touch-less transaction to minimize the time it takes for the staff to wash their hands if cash is taken. The box office can take cash when it is open since they don’t handle food, but use cards if you can.


Annual FREE!!! Kids Movie Summer series- Unfortunately, the series won't happen this year as hoped, but we do want to try to put together a modified version towards the end of the summer if possible. The series will be back next year!!!

I do realize that the above might represent some inconvenience, but hopefully you will find it minimal to maintain a safer environment.

It will be so nice to have you back!!!