Gift/Loyalty Cards




FREE pass for TopGun: Maverick added to all Star Cards for members who have already seen it to see it again for FREE and maybe bring a new wingman! (expires 9/29)

FREE refills on popcorn for Star Card members! (Limited Time Offer)

Star Cards are FREE, so get one on your next visit! Other promotions will be announced every week!
Please be sure to present your Star Card to get the coupon or discounted price!


Gift Cards are a great way to let someone know you are thinking about them and making them smile with the gift of entertainment. It's a BUTTER gift!


At Collins Road YOU are the STAR!

A STAR CARD is both a GIFT card and a LOYALTY card. As a GIFT card it can hold a dollar amount, and even after the money is used up it is always a LOYALTY card, if registered. Swipe it every time you come to earn points for great rewards! You can register your STAR CARD at our counter, or online on our web page (link button below). And if registered then we can even replace the value and points if it is lost!*


Your gift card is also a STAR CARD loyalty card when you register it! You evern earn your first FREE popcorn when you register it!
Register as soon as you get it (link abvove) and start earning points. Then swipe your card every time your come, even after the balance is used up because you will be earning points to redeem for FREE STUFF! No more maintaining a balance on your card, just swipe the card each time you visit and rack up the points! You even earn points with ticket purchases!

Awards and levels will change seasonally from time to time. Right now you'll earn a reward at 25, 50, and 75 points, and a FREE PASS* at 100 points!

Rewards right now is your choice of:

  • FREE small fountain soft drink, or
  • FREE small popcorn, or
  • FREE small Icee

All are upgradable to a larger size by paying the difference in price. Rewards are valid for 90 days.


Why would we have a STAR CARD loyalty program even when we have the best prices in town?

That answer is easy! We want you to keep coming back more often. We give you the free and discount rewards to keep you coming for more!



If you have one of the older Rechargable Value or Gift cards prior to our initiating the Star Card program, your balance was transfered to our new Star Card system at the beginning of the summer, 2019. The old cards can be used until the balance is used up, but the web page shown on the back of the card will not update. It shows the last known balance when it was transferred. Use the CARD BALANCE & REGISTRATION CHECK link above instead. Please do NOT use that old link to add value to your card, it will add the value in the OLD system and will not show on our new system. If you have inadvertantly added value to your old card, don't despair! We can look it up and transfer it to the new system for you. In the past OLD system we encouraged you to add money to your card to earn 5% cash back, however, some people did not like that. This is one of the primary reasons we switched to the new Star Card system, so you don't have to keep adding money. Now, you don't need to maintain a balance, just present the Star Card and earn points. The Star Card system gives you MORE, and it's easier!

If you would like to register your old card so that you can start earning points you can do that yourself by clicking the CARD BALANCE & REGISTRATION CHECK link above. On your next visit we will give you a new Star Card with all of your information, points, balances already on it!


*some promotions require your email address to be registered since that is how we let you know about them! The fee to replace lost cards or transfer balances to a new card is $1 to help cover the cost of the new card. We cannot be responsible for the theft of any point or cash value remaining on the card. The FREE PASS reward is subject to the studio's free pass requirements. The studios will not accept free passes usually for the first two weeks of a movie's release date, but we are happy to use them any time that passes are allowed.
SPECIAL NOTE- Our STAR CARD layout was designed by our Senior Concession attendant, Madison B. Great job Madison!