Gift/Loyalty Cards

We will mail CRT Gift Cards anywhere in the US!


Gift Cards are a great way to let someone know you are thinking about them and making them smile with the gift of entertainment. It's a BUTTER gift!

CRT cards are BOTH a gift card and a loyalty card. Once the balance on your card is used up, keep presenting it every time you come to earn points redeemable for snack and ticket rewards and special promotions!* You can register your card so we can replace any value if it is lost or stolen!

We are in the process of rolling out our new LOYALTY PROGRAM. I'll have more information on that when the new cards arrive later. For now, it's important to know that you should swipe your gift card even after the balance is used up because you will be earning points to redeem for FREE STUFF! No more maintaining a balance on your card, just swipe the card each time you visit and save up the points! You even earn points with online ticket purchases! It will be really cool! More soon! 

*some promotions require your email address to be registered since that is how we let you know about them! The fee to replace lost cards or transfer balances to a new card is $1 to help cover the cost of the new card. We cannot be responsible for the theft of any point or cash value remaining on the card.