Hosting Special Events

We are the pros at showing your large group of 50 to 850 a good time! We do private shows for employee/customer appreciation on a regular basis. Here are some basics that you want to consider:

  • We can accomodate over 850 people at once, or groups as small as 50 people. Each of the 5 auditoriums have about 170 seats and you can use just one, or all five! We can do smaller groups, but prices will be accordingly higher.
  • Private shows are normally held outside of our normal movie hours, usually in the morning. We start early enough to be done by our regular opening time of noon. We can also do them late at night after our regular shows are over. Large shows can be done during regular hours on weekdays, but honestly the prices higher since we have to take into consideration the upset of our published show times.
  • Prices vary depending on services you want and the number of people you are expecting. Options start at about $300 and from there it depends on what you want to do. Typically, special shows include a drink and popcorn along with movie admission. Prices may range usually between $5 and $11 depending on the size of your group, for EVERYTHING! Admission and snacks!
  • We can play any movie that has been through the double-priced theatres, including current theatrical releases to classics. One VERY popular version of our private show is to play up to FIVE (5) different movies at once and let your people decide themselves which they would like to see! Its like having your own private movie theatre! Oh wait... You do!!! The place is yours for that time!
  • We can do non-movie business meetings, including the largest Power-Point screen you've ever used! Even with non-movie events, you should consider drink and popcorn refreshments for a special touch.
  • Reservation lead-time can be as little as a week depending on what your plans are, but we do suggest you make a reservation at least a few weeks in advance as dates can fill quickly. Special-order movies usually take about 2 weeks to get booked and shipped.

All packages are customizable. Contact us with your specific needs for a firm quote. Once your booking is confirmed we will send you a written quote so there are no surprises. Should you need to cancel your event you are only liable for expenses actually incurred.

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