If you're planning a birthday party or small group outting with us, then here are the things you want to know:

Unfortunately, we do not have a private party room. When this theatre was originally designed they just didn't do that sort of thing. What were they thinking!!!

We DO offer a discount for groups of 10 or more (and we are the ONLY theatre to do so!). If you buy 10 of ANYTHING, tickets, drinks, popcorn, etc. we will give you an eleventh one free, and for each 10 more after that! That amounts to roughly a 10% discount off our already-discounted prices. The items must all be the same (i.e. 10 tickets, 10 small drinks, 10 large popcorns...) and must be ordered and paid for at one time. You will need to specifically ask for the BUY 10 discount, it is not applied automatically!

You do not need to call ahead for this special pricing, but if you are planning to walk in with a group of 20 or 30 people at once it would be really nice to know you are coming, especially if it is a time that is normally slow, like weekdays. We can usually have your stuff ready when you walk in the door! Thank you!

Just another way your locally-owned movie theatre DOESN'T gouge you!