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Thank you for thinking about us! We have provided thousands of dollars of charitable support to help many organizations, and I dare say: probably more than any other company of our size. We provide passes, popcorn, special shows, use of the facility, and even cash.

As you might guess, we get lots of requests for donations every single day, believe it or not several requests EVERY day and up to 10 a day at various times of the year! We are able to honor some of them, but we can’t afford to do all of them. To keep it manageable, we provide the most support to events and organizations that our staff is involved in, and a few specific charitable organizations. But we can also help almost any charitable organization! We hate to say "no", so we have a compromise.

If you are interested in a donation to support your charitable event or group, first please find out if one of our staff members are involved with it. If so, make the request through that person. We are able to provide the most support to the events that our staff is involved in through their schools, churches, and other organizations.

If you don't have one of our staff involved you should make your request directly to me by email. We ask that you meet us half way, of a sorts. We will make a donation of almost anything you ask for, provided you are able to find a sponsor to make a charitable donation of half of the value of whatever you are asking for. We will cover the other half AND your money goes to our own charity, Collins Road Theatres Educational Foundation, which provides the Collins Road Theatres Film Makers Scholarship awarded each year during the Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival to budding film makers in our area. You scratch our back by helping with a scholarship, we'll scratch yours by helping with your event! This allows us to help other organizations, while raising money for our own charitable fund. We must limit these donations to bona fide charitable organizations (501.3c or other appropriate organization). For non-charitable (not 501.3c) groups, such as clubs, etc. we will provide your donation if you provide the full value in the form of a donation to our Fund.

When making your request through either channel, please let me know specifically what you want, not a generic “give whatever you can”. If you are willing to make a reciprocal donation for half of what you are asking from us, we can do a lot to help. I also would ask for a donation acknowledgement letter in advance of providing the donation. I hope this doesn’t cause an inconvenience, but have had many times where the event chairperson gets wrapped up with things and forgets the letter. Since the government doesn’t require that we pay taxes on charitable donations, I would like to take advantage of this, but we must have a written receipt!

Send your request through the involved staff member or CLICK HERE. Please avoid mailing, calling or stopping by with your requests. Email is much preferred so that I can keep things organized and handle your request promptly, and doesn't waste natural resources like paper. Please be sure to identify your organization (including name, address, tax ID #, and contact phone number), how the donation is to be used, when it is needed, and specifically what you are asking for. I will get back with you as soon as possible either by email or phone, or via the employee with whom you made the request. Your checks should be payable to Collins Road Theatres Education Foundation.

Thanks again for thinking about Collins Road! We appreciate your support and are happy to try to help support your organization in return.