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What a GREAT Value!

Here's a BIGGER and BETTER Deal!

$4 Tuesdays for EVERYONE, and a $1 popcorn! *

CRT is the best deal around and it just got even better! Not only do you get a $4 movie on Tuesdays, but we'll even treat you to a small popcorn for just $1. (I hope you'll buy a drink to go with it!). The smalll popcorn is up-sizable if you would like, just pay the difference in price.

I've had several people ask where to buy our Value Cards, so here's the deal for those that aren't familiar with them. They are what most people call a "gift card", but we call it a Value Card because it's so much more than just a gift card. If you got one for Christmas then you're already good to go!

You can get them at CRT, of course ($10 min), or you can buy them at Sam's Club, or online from our web page. We call them a Value Card because EVERY purchase EVERY day gives you 5% cash back instantly. You don't have to save up points or any other of those loyalty card games. If you spend $10, you get $0.50 back. If you spend $100, you get $5 back. You just get it added right back to your card. Now!

Every card has a unique web address where you can optionally register your card so we will replace it if you lose it. You can also see the transactions, including all the cash back.

You can set the card up to automatically recharge whenever the balance drops below a certain level, so you set it up that way and keep on using the same card to get your 5% back. For example, you can set it so that when the level falls below say $20 then it automatically recharges another $50 from your credit card. You don't have to set the card up to automatically recharge if you don't want to, but why not? You get cash back! The advantage to us is that we save credit card charges and keep you coming back. The advantage to you is that you keep getting 5% back. Win-win!

Honestly, I thought the whole program was pretty cool when we signed up for it a few years ago, but very few people even realize that they are getting cash back! All that is changing now and I think that people will be using them a lot more now that we are starting to advertise it.

By the way, if you buy a CRT Gift Card for a friend, it IS a Value Card, so they are getting the 5% cash back, too! So give them a CRT Card! There is NO better deal that I have ever heard of from ANY business.

*This is a limited time offer